Journals, Publications, and Associations

JAMA: The Journal of American Medicine
The Journal of Family Practice: Medical Information
The Lancet: Medical Journal of the United Kingdom
NEJM: The New England Journal of Medicine
BMJ: The British Medical Journal
Emerging Infectious Diseases: From the Center For Infectious Diseases
Your Health Daily: The New York Times
MJA: Medical Journal of Australia
: American Academy of Pediatrics
The Royal Society of Medicine: United Kingdom
ADA: The American Dental Association
AMA: The American Medical Association
YJBM: The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine
AJPH: The American Journal of Public Health
NLM: U.S. Library of Medicine
The American Heart Association: Heart Disease Information Source

Doctor Know's
Health and Medicine Site

Kindly Doctor Know's Health and Medicine Site is an effort to gather related sites from the World Wide Web and present them in such a way that both doctor and patient will find them convenient. One should be cautious when following medical advice found on the Web (or library, for that matter). It is always best to consult your primary care physician.

Health and Medical References and Resources

Medicine Net
Medical Information
Health Information
From the University of Illinois
Doctor's Guide
Information For Doctor and Patient
Health Information Resource
Health and Medical Information
Center For Disease Control and Prevention
Med Web
Biomedical Internet Resources
Health on the Net Foundation
Health Touch Online
Health Information
Doc Net
Health and Medical Information From the UK
Kid's Doctor
Children's Health and Medical Information
Mayo Health Oasis
Brought To You By The Mayo Clinic
National Institutes of Health
The Virtual Medical Center
Health and Medical Information
Dr. Spieler's Dental Zone
Dental Care
The Vaccine Page
Vaccine News and Internet Resources
Quack Watch
Medical Fraud
Virtual Hospital
University of Iowa
Online Muscle Atlas

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